Présentation de l'album Angleterre

Birmingham's shy hug Like a bottle in the see, Birmingham Essai 3 : I'm in the train Essai 2 : I'm in the train Essai 1 : I'm in the train Near SHerlock, Baker Street, London Baby, you can drive my car, Baker street, London I've seen the Arnolfini couple (Jan Ecke) ... London's Tube Drinking at the Porcupine, London Jude Law's over the chaos, London Postcard, London Sailor, Trafalgar Square, London Trafalgar Square, London Haymarket Street, London Indian Reading, Picadilly circus, London Scones at Kenilworth Kenilworth's Cemetary Sitting in Kenilworth Park PICT6926 English Green, Kenilworth's Park Melissa, Hoola Hoops, Kenilworth's Park Melissa, English Guy, Birmingham Scoot-eating, Camden Town, London Eating in front of Camden canal, London Swinging Camden, London Camden Town, London Interest, China Town, London China Town, London Curious, Trafalgar Square, London Picadilly circus, London Regent Street, London Cat, Hand, Sun Melissa, Cat Henry Platter, Kenilworth